How Hip Hop Has Influenced Fashion

How Hip Hop Has Influenced Fashion
Do you remember Adidas tracksuits? Big gold chains? Kangal hats? Man, that authentic hip-hop. That era of music had such a huge impact on society. Everyone was rocking the Adidas. It was even a song, i.e. the lyrics, "My Adidas." Run DMC, MC Lyte, LL COOL J, NWA, KRS-ONE. The list goes on. Even to the hairstyles and hair cuts were a major stance in hip-hop. In regards to the high top fade that many were rocking back then such as, Will Smith back in his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days. Big Daddy Kane, Kid from, "Kid and Play," among many others.

Because music is such a staple in our lives. Fashion designers knew that if they wanted any type of real actual exposure to their brand; their apparel had to be put in the fore front. That meant getting them on the backs of the world's hottest hip-hop industry artists. Take for example, Tommy Hilfiger that many artist were rocking even the late great, Aaliyah. Ralph Lauren and Polo became household brands in no time due to the exposure it received from the hottest artist during that era.

Other popular brands back then, if you remember any of these names, DKNY, Enyce, Karl Kani, FUBU , Ecko, Lugz, Rocawear, and man, the list goes on. Long story short, fashion has heavily been influenced by hip hop and even vice verus. If a young person watches a video or program on TV and their favorite artist has been seen wearing a Tommy Hilfiger shirt or even in today's time, a pair of shoes from Kanye West's collection it automatically sells out instantly. Even if it's tagged at an astronomical price. It places a high demand for the product which pushes the product to sell out which is a win win for the designer and creates a happy consumer.

So, now that were in 2021 what are your favorite brands now? Are you a fan of hip-hop fashion? Do you think this genre of music has had a huge impact on our society?

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