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The Ebonee Kouture Experience 

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The Ebonee Kouture Experience which was formerly Janae's Closet Boutique Shop is all about building and boosting confidence. We focus on the 3 "S" of "Self". Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Self-Awareness. We believe that the way you feel about YOU matters way more than how others feel about YOU. Having pride and love for one's self, culture and the world around them is all apart our story. We thrive in bringing fashion to urban melanated women. The goal is to have women feeling like they are 'that girl.' Meaning you are confident in who you are. Your aura speaks for your.  YOU are your only competition. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are 'that girl'. You don't need anyone's validation because you are indeed 'THAT GIRL' 


A little bit about me, Janae Marie, owner of Ebonee Kouture
I am an author of 5 books, Originally from Detroit, MI. But currently residing in CA. I love being creative and unique. I truly believe that having confidence and self-esteem will take you far in life.

Growing up in the streets of Detroit, I struggled often with this within myself. I didn't come from the richest background. Which meant I wasn't given the opportunities to wear the latest name brand fashions unlike my school counterparts. Being a small, petite little girl, shy albeit quiet. I often was on the receiving end of bullying...a lot! Between my high school years, this is when it really impacted my self-esteem because during that time I just wanted to fit in.

But I soon realized that no matter what I did, I never would. Even throughout college, I was never that girl that had tons of friends. That's when it dawned on me! Why should I keep trying to fit in when it's clear as day that I was meant to stand out!!

I began putting my creativity to work. I published several books and now I am working on scripts as well as The Ebonee Kouture Experience. This is exactly what I mean when I say you must love yourself!! The way you see yourself will undeniably take you further in life than the opinions of others. If there is anything you want to do in life. Go after it, have confidence, you can do it. I believe in building self-esteem through self-acceptance, awareness and confidence. No holding back. Living on purpose and unapologetically!!

Our Value Promise
To bring awareness, confidence and esteem to every single customer. We know how important it is for everyone to feel like 'that girl'. But it's even greater when you love who you are. Believe in who you are. Speak life into who you are. Make no apologies and live on purpose. We hope to motivate, inspire and influence our customers to always love who they see in the mirror. No matter who you are, the way you view yourself speaks volumes. Let it take you far. 

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